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About us


Alena Slezackova, Ph.D.

  • Founder and coordinator of the Czech Positive Psychology Centre (CPPC)
  • Country representative for the Czech Republic in the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP)
  • Member of the International Positive Psychology Association IPPA (Member of Council of Advisors)












Current scientific interests

Mental health, Well-being, Hope, Mindfulness, Posttraumatic growth


  • 2019: completion of the course Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy I. (Amir H. Imani))
  • 2019: completion of the 8 weeks course Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • 2017: completion of the course RESCUR Resilience Programme (C. Cefai, University of Malta)
  • 2014: Habilitation in General psychology (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
  • 2010: Positive Psychology Masterclass (Bristol, UK)
  • 2009 Ph.D. in Clinical psychology (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
  • 1997: MA in Clinical psychology (Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University)
  • 1997: obtained the Certificate of Teaching Ability

Professional practice

  • since 2020: Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Dept. of Psychology and Psychosomatics, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • since 2014: Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • 2008-2014: Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic
  • 2008-2012: Research Associate at the Inst. of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • 2001-2007: Psychologist at the Institution of Social Care for Disabled Children, Brno
  • 2000: Lecturer at Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University
  • 1999: Psychologist at the Home for Elder People, Brno
  • 1998-1999: Personnel manager at a business company, Brno

Research projects funded by grant agencies

  • 2019-2022: Decision about care at the end of life (DECAREL). TACR TL02000360.
  • 2013-2016: Health-Enhancing and Health-Threatening Behaviour: Determinants, Models, and Implications. Grant No. GA13-19808S (Project team member)
  • 2010-2014: Studying Optimal Development Longitudinally: Potential of Prague and Brno Studies on Life-span Development. Grant No. 407/10/2410 of the Czech Science Foundation (Project team member)
  • 2008-2012: Psychosocial Needs and Quality of Life in Healthy Siblings of Paediatric Cancer Patiens. Grant No. 406/09/1255 of the Czech Science Foundation (Project team member)
  • 2007-2010: Quality of Life Longitudinal Study in Paediatric Oncology Patients (QOLOP). Grant No. 406/07/1384 of the Czech Science Foundation (Project team member)

Organisational activities in scientific community

Membership in scientific associations:

  • European Network for Positive Psychology ENPP
  • International Positive Psychology Association IPPA
  • Centre for Applied Positive Psychology CAPP
  • International Association of Applied Psychology IAAP
  • Czech-Moravian Psychological Society CMPS

All publications and conference presentations:



Selected publications:

SVĚTLÁK, Miroslav, Šárka DAŇHELOVÁ, Barbora KÓŠA, Alena SLEZÁČKOVÁ a Rastislav ŠUMEC (2021). Self-compassion in medical students: a pilot study of its association with professionalism pressure. BMC Medical Education21, 500 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12909-021-02930-2


SVĚTLÁK, M., LINHARTOVÁ, P., KNEJZLÍKOVÁ, T., KNEJZLÍK, J., KÓŠA, B., HORNÍČKOVÁ, V., JAROLÍNOVÁ, K., LUČANSKÁ, K., SLEZÁČKOVÁ, A., & ŠUMEC, R. (2021). Being Mindful at University: A Pilot Evaluation of the Feasibility of an Online Mindfulness-Based Mental Health Support Program for Students. Frontiers in Psychology. Lausanne: Frontiers, 1664-1078. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.581086/full

SLEZÁČKOVÁ, A. (2020). Psychosociální souvislosti naděje v kontextu zdraví i závažného onemocnění: empirické poznatky a možnosti jejich aplikace v lékařské praxi (Psychosocial correlates of hope in the context of health and serious illness: empirical findings and possibilities of their application in medical care). In R. Ptáček & P. Bartůněk. Naděje v medicíně, s. 147-154. Praha: Grada, Edice celoživotního vzdělávání ČLK. ISBN 978-80-271-3077-1.


SLEZÁČKOVÁ, A. (2020). Jak pracovat s nadějí u pokročile onkologických pacientů  (How to work with hope in advanced cancer patients)Klinická onkologie, 33 (Suppl 1), 138-141. Plný text: Jak pracovat s nadějí u onkol.pacientů_A.Slezackova,2020.pdf.

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