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Conference CPPC 2012






1st Czech Positive Psychology Conference
with international participation
CPPC 2012

 May 23-24, 2012
Brno, Czech Republic

Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University


Download detailed CPPC 2012 CONFERENCE PROGRAM here

BOOK OF ABSTRACTS of the CPPC 2012 conference download here.

Video records of the CPPC 2012 keynote speakers presentations:

PhDr. Alena Slezáčková, Ph.D.
Prof. PhDr. Jaro Křivohlavý, CSc.
Prof. PhDr. Jiří Mareš, CSc.
Doc. Mgr. Peter Halama, Ph.D.
Mag. Aleksandra Bujacz
Mag. Dr. Günter Lueger
Mr. Paul Pahil


Dear colleagues, dear CPPC 2012 participants,

thank you very much for your participation at the
1st Czech Positive Psychology Conference (CPPC 2012) with international participation held in Brno, the Czech Republic, in May  23-24, 2012.
The attendance of the conference was quite high: there were 185 participants from eight countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, Norway, the USA).
There were six invited lectures delivered by keynote speakers from the Czech Republic and six keynote speakers coming from abroad, who represented various research and application areas of positive psychology. There were also 18 oral presentations presented in four sessions, and 16 posters.

All of the three pre-conference workshops (on Positive psychology interventions, Positive education, and Meaningfulness) were fully occupied.
Lectures, workshops, poster session and discussions has featured the topical research as well as applications of positive psychology in variety of fields – from psychotherapy to education and coaching.
The exclusive screening of the HAPPY movie was also part of the conference program.

Evaluation of the conference participants:
The evaluation forms returned from 79 participants (43%).
Quality of the organization of the conference, evaluated on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (very high): mean score 4.48
Quality of the conference presentations (1 = low, 5 =  very high) : mean score 4.44
Interestingness of conference presentations (1 = not interesting, 5 = very interesting): mean score 4.35
Usefulness for practice (1 = not useful, 5 = very useful): mean score 3.85

We are very happy that the event was successful and this encourages us to cordially invite you to the 2nd International Czech Positive Psychology Conference, which will be held on May 22-24, 2013, in Brno, the Czech Republic.


We look forward to meeting you in Brno!

Alena Slezackova, Ph.D.
CPPC 2012 Conference Chair


CPPC 2012 Invited speakers from abroad:

Prof. J.P. Van Oudenhoven (University of Groningen, Netherlands): "Virtues across 12 nations: An international comparison of moral principles"
Mag. Dr. G. Lueger (Director of the Solution Management Center, Vienna, Austria): "Retooling: How to design positive-oriented tools for companies and consultants"
Dr. P. Streit (Director of the Institut für Kind, Jugend und Familie, Graz, Austria): "Wellbeing: A positive-psychological program of interventions for people with depression older than 65"
Aleksandra Bujacz, Joar Vittersø (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland; University of Tromsø, Norway): "Intrinsic goals and eudaimonic motivation: Life aspirations and motives for the everyday activities of middle-aged Polish individuals"
Doc. Mgr. P. Halama, Ph.D.  (Institute of Experimental Psychology SAS, Faculty of Philosophy, University of  Trnava, Slovakia): "Meaning of life in the context of positive psychology"
Paul Pahil (Életerő, Budapest, Hungary): "Hungry for optimal coaching: Example of applied positive psychology in Hungary"

CPPC 2012 Keynote speakers from the Czech Republic:

PhDr. Alena Slezáčková, Ph.D. (Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno): "Positive psychology: Inspiration for research, theory and practice"
Prof. PhDr. J. Křivohlavý, CSc. (Charles University, Prague): "Four steps of Martin E.P. Seligman on his way to the realisation of the knowledge of positive psychology"
Prof. PhDr. V. Smékal, CSc. (Inst. of Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno): "Positive psychology as the basis for formation of ethical culture of personality"
Doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek, ThD. (Dept. of  of Religious Studies, UK, Prague): "A positive approach to spirituality"

Prof. PhDr. J. Mareš, CSc. (Faculty of Medicine, University Hradec Kralove): "Use of positive psychology in education"
Prof. PhDr. M. Blatný, CSc. (Inst. of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of CR, Brno): "Born to be brave: the temperamental nature of character strengths"

Conference venue

The conference took  place at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno.
Brno is the second larges city of the Czech Republic, located in the South Moravian region.
Brno is easy to reach from Prague or Vienna (Austria) by trains or buses.
You can make reservation of your accomodation in Brno through Booking.com

Registration and  Abstract Submission

Please download  the CPPC 2012 Registration Form.
Registration and Abstract Submission is possible only by sending a completed Registration Form via email to: CPPC2012@email.cz

Abstract Submission Deadline is April 10, 2012. 
Registration Deadline is May 20,  2012.

CPPC 2012 Conference fee: 800,- CZK (31 EUR)

You can download the CPPC 2012 Conference Flyer

Alena Slezackova, Ph.D.
Masaryk University
Faculty of Arts
Dept. of Psychology
Arna Novaka 1
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

tel.: (+420) 737 620 399
fax (+420) 549 491 523

E-mail: CPPC2012@email.cz